Historia et Memoria

Our undergraduate journal, Historia et Memoria, showcases the talent and research of our students. It is edited by a team of graduate students and faculty. While many of the pieces published in this journal are traditional research papers, we also accomodate less traditional approaches such as oral histories and community projects, as well as reviews of books or exhibitions.
Current undergraduates should look out for a call for papers in the Fall semester and they can always talk to any of their history professors or Drs. Tracey-Anne Cooper (coopert@stjohns.edu), Susan Schmidt-Horning (schmidts@stjohns.edu) or Neilesh Bose (bosen@stjohns.edu), if they have any work they are considering submitting.
Please click on the links below to download a full pdf version of our undergraduate journal.

Historia et Memoria, Vol. 2 (Spring 2014)

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