Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Food" Dean's Symposium 11/20 1.50 DAC206

Seventh Annual St. John's College
Dean's Interdisciplinary Symposium
Thurs Nov 20th, 1.50-3.15
D'Angelo 206

Symposium Participants
Dr. Robin Wellington (Psychology)
"The Hunger Games: The Neuroscience Underlying Eating and Satiety"
Dr. Tracey-Anne Cooper (HISTORY DEPARTMENT)
"Medieval Europe: Marking Extraordinary Time with Food and Abstinence"
Dr. Robert Fanuzzi (English)
"From Pigsties to Parks and Back Again: Food Politics and the Sustainable City."
Dr. Barret Brenton (Anthropology)
"From Paelodiets to Molecular Gastronomy: The Global Health Paradox of Food Systems Sovereignty and the Right Food."

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