Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oral History Projects at Queens Museum and Brooklyn Navy Yard

Throughout the month of April, Dr. Kristin Szylvian’s students took part in oral history projects at the Queens Museum and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The students that participated at the Queens Museum recorded over 30 interviews for the Queens Memory Project that included memories about the World’s Fair, the Panorama, a model of New York City built for the 1964 World’s Fair, and stories about living in Queens and the greater New York City area. The students that participated at the Brooklyn Navy Yard had the opportunity to record memories from individuals who worked there, and individuals who grew up in Brooklyn around the Navy yard.

"I felt deeply privileged to assist in the Oral History research project our class partook in for the Queens Memory Project.. My most fruitful interview was with Christine McLaughlin.  A lifelong Queens resident, she readily discussed the memories the New York City Panorama exhibit evoked for her.  She focused her answers on how much had changed during the decades that she lived in Queens." – Christopher Cody

Christopher Cody interviewing Christine McLaughlin

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